Learning Part 2

Eric also had his big interest revealed to him in a REVELATION. It may be my greatest pleasure ever in my life to see these to bright young people realize they love things and want to learn more about them.

When he was about 9, I found a copy of the first book from the Harry Potter series at Good Will and bought it on a whim. Eric was never one for fantasy, magic, mystical creatures, etc, but I knew kids were crazy over this series and wondered how he’d feel.

He didn’t start reading it for a few weeks, he accepted it with a weak and disaffected “thank you” and threw it on top of his dresser – it stayed there for weeks until one day he stayed home sick from school. His mom called me to say he hadn’t left his room except to use the bathroom for almost ten hours. When he came out his first question was, “can we go get the second Harry Potter book?” He was hooked immediately

I, of course, hadn’t read the book and didn’t understand the hype but went on a mission to all of the resale and second-hand bookstores I knew of and assembled the whole series. I’m not merely bragging when I say that this child read the whole series within a month. It’s all he talked about, it’s all he referenced, he was consumed by it.

He was Harry Potter for Halloween and it was the actual curtest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m waiting for him to convince Stephanie to read but she’s much more of an outside, feeling, nature kid than a reader so it may take her some time to get there. And he may also just want it to be his special thing now, like her with the gemstones.

Plus – I’m using all sorts of fun patterns to make him capes and dress robes!