Doing Good

I’m trying to teach my grandkids about doing good – not doing well in school or sports – but doing good in the world. Philanthropy has often been associated with big donors, galas, fundraisers, and money. I don’t think that doing good has to have anything to do with money and I’m trying to teach these kiddos that they can improve their communities and environments using their bodies and their brains, neither of which takes money or power.

Working with philanthropists has opened my eyes to different ways of navigating ones talent and helping them to use it for good. He mostly focuses on older folks, millennials and Gen Zers, but

it’s never too early to plant the seed of civic and environmental engagement.

I understand that eventually in their lives, my grandbabies may want to do more financial philanthropic work or join the Peace Corps or foster children – but as kids, it’s fun to do simpler projects like bring a trash bag on a river kayak trip and pick up trash, plant gardens in public spaces, volunteer at an animal shelter, etc.

Baby steps!